Thin clients for small and big solutions

Our software supports devices from multiple vendors like HP, Dell, Igel and Fujitsu
Our software is capable of running on PCs, protecting your initial investments
Our software can be transferred to a new device at no cost.
Our image is 20 times smaller than Windows's, saving you network bandwith
We never had a virus on our terminals. You can sleep safely with no worries.
We release new software at least 4 times a year to keep your system safe
A thin client typically lasts at least 6 years, saving you money and protecting your investment
In average 2 support calls daily, with 60.000 terminals, proves stability and quality
More than 80% of our terminals is managed by Scout Enterprise Management
Our costumers have saved money by switching to our thin client solutions

Thin clients - What's the point?

NEXstation X DP

Innovative, reliable, secure. We deliver real business results for your virtual computing world. We make it easy to deploy and manage thin client solutions whether you are local or global.

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Get in touch - We can help you!

At Nextsystem we are ready to help you and your company with your thin client needs. Contact us today and find out what we can do for you.

+45 70 205 300

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Do you know...

Adding a monitor can boost productivity

"Using a larger monitor or dual monitors helped users complete tasks as much as 52 percent faster, saving up to 2.5 hours a day" (The University of Utha)

Our solution runs on 1.000.000 clients

More than 1,000,000 Thin Clients in 45 countries are operated with eLux™ and centrally managed by Scout Enterprise Management.

The worlds largest instalation is eLux

FinanzInformatik, the IT-service provider of the German Savings Bank (Sparkassen) is currently operating and managing more than 220,000 Thin Clients with e-Lux and Scout.


Telephone support is available (CET)          Product downloads
Monday to Thursday 8:30-16:30          Read the FAQ
Friday 8:30-16:00           Call +45 70 205 300

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NexTerminal Newsletter

Get updated on the latest trends of thin clients.

Monday, June 18, 2018

3D HDX on thin clients – is that possible? A lot of people, is under the impression, that a thin client is nothing more then a stupid box, that only handle small and light programs. At Nextsystem we are facing a very different reality. Our...

Our customers say

Brüsch Precision A/S

"At Brüsch Presision A/S we have known Nextsystem A/S since 1996. What is remarkable about this company is the loyalty it shows towards our wallet. We have on several occasions experienced that we wanted to place an order but Nextsystem A/S advised us not to buy but to solve the issues by other means. We are waving money in front of them but they do not want it. Now that is a truly trusted vendor. We have over the last 7-8 years had thin clients in our administration and in our production and we have had no issues at all on a technical level. Nextsystem A/S did the installation, both server and terminals and it has been running perfectly. I used to be a programmer for many years and I know who excels on a technical level and on competances. Nextsystem A/S is clearly in the leading quadrant. When we get a quote from Nextsystem A/S we are never worried if we really need what they quote or if this is indeed the right solution. We trust 100% that we get the best support and service possible. It is a Yes from us, also next time.Jakob Brüsch, CEO "

Jakob Brüsch, Direktør

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