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Scout Management


Managementsystem Scout Enterprise

  • Management of clients with eLux NG, eLux RL, eLux RP, eLux RT and Windows embedded
  • Modular firmware customizing with software management
  • Operation on Windows platforms starting with Windows 2008 Server and Windows 7 or later
  • Multi user and terminal server compliant
  • Enterprise functionalities – scalable and highly available

Database Interface

  • Microsoft JET Database Engine (MDB) ,
  • Operation on MS SQL Server 2000, 2005 and 2008
  • ODBC interface to server and console
  • Open data base interface
  • Scout Command interface


  • Console language: German and English –dynamically switchable
  • Tree view and List view
  • User-defined columns and configurable display of fields and columns
  • Sort by columns
  • Search function

Administrator Policy

  • Restriction of user rights, menu entries, objects,commands
  • Authenticate administrators via Active Directory or NTdomain

Profile management

  • Profile assignment to groups in the Active Directory
  • Logging of administrator actions

Firmware Customizing

  • Individual firmware customizing via the tool ELIAS integrated in Scout Enterprise
  • Creation of customer specific images
  • High flexibility by modular customizing
  • Enable / disable software components
  • Securing that the software can be installed and run on the specific system
  • Check for package dependencies, package compatibility, hardware compatibility
  • Downgrade able (installation of earlier software package versions)
  • Software signatures with X509 certificates
  • Online check of the software certificates with OCSP
  • Option: Import of new software packages via Internet– automatically by the tool PUMA
  • Creation of your own software packages by means of the tool EBK (eLux Builder Kit) – for free

Firmware Update

  • Firmware update is performed modularly in compressed format, only differing parts of the image are transferred, not the complete image
  • Firmware update protocols: HTTP(S) and FTP(S)
  • Bandwidth for firmware updates
  • Update schedule is configurable: during start or during shutdown of the client, immediately or time controlled
  • Logging of the updates

Help Desk Support

  •  Remote on/off
  • Wake-on-Lan – integrated WoL-Gateway on the client with automatic detection (ICMP, UDP Broadcast, directed Broadcast, Wake-on-Lan Gateway)
  • Desktop mirroring encrypted and logged
  • Send messages
  • Request diagnostic files via the Scout console - the files are stored on the Scout server in zip format
  • Definition of any diagnostic files
  • Server log (Client/Server communication)
  • Console log (Console/database communication)

Entry of Clients to the Management System

  • Automatic entry via DHCP vendor tags
  • Automatic entry via DNS Alias <name> of the Management Server
  • Automatic entry via IP range
  • Discover devices via the Scout console (Discovery)
  • Search for Management Server via the Scout Server
  • Settings of the client (Reverse Discovery)
  • Import of device lists

Device Setup

  • Use parent – inherit the configuration settings – on/off


  • DHCP, BOOTP, fixed IP addres
  • Network advanced
  • DHCP-Handling, 
  • IEEE 802.1x authentication, communication timer to the Scout Server, 
  • Smart card domain, 
  • Local hosts file
  • Wireless support
  • 3G support

· Screen

Resolution, frequency, color depth, read out DDC

info, power save function, screen saver with delay

and password protection, different designs for

screensavers, backingstore can be enabled, font


· Security

Local security settings to enable / disable the

enduser's right to configure the client , allow for

remote X11 Clients. Configuration of user

authorization via Active Directory - Active Directory

plus SmartCard - LDAP - SmartCard (Smarty und

X.509) NT-domain

Feature list – Management system Scout Enterprise V.11.3.3

© Unicon Software GmbH 4 Oktober 2012

· Mirroring with password – only after confirmation by

the user – without right of input - with logging – with

mirroring encryption TLS1.0 (SSL3.0)

· Firmware

Update log HTTP or FTP, Web Server, container

path, name of the firmware image, user and password

for FTP, Update during start or shutdown of the client,

definition of the HTTP proxy clients, definition of the

target image for migration from eLux NG to eLux RL

· Multimedia

Volume Master - PCM – Microfone, Audio in


· System beep

· Desktop Language, Background color, Task Hotkey,

time zone, time server Windows/Unix, time server

protocol NTP - SNTP (RFC1305) - Time Protocol

(RFC 868)

· Desktop advanced

Interactive desktop, desktop writeable, taskbar

configurable, systray icons in the taskbar, individual

background image, auto start of the control panel,

number of work areas, window animation, maximize /

full screen of one monitor in multi-monitor mode

· Drives

Definition von network drives via SMB und NFS,

Browser home directory

· Printers

Network printer definition - parallel - serial, filter text or

PCL, server-side driver name, definition of the

Thinprint class, maximum printer response time,

enabling print service, TCP-direct print via parallel or

USB Port, CUPS Server and –user, Thin Print via


· Mouse / Keyboard

Keyboard language, Keyboard type, Key repetition

rate (delay), Speed of the key repetition rate, mouse

type, double click speed, acceleration

· Mouse / Keyboard advanced

3-Knopf Emulation, left-handed, dead keys, numlock,

enable console switch

· Hardware

Enable USB mass storage devices, user prompt when

inserting USB mass storage devices, smartcards USB

- intern - extern, number of monitors 1-4, COMPortsettings,

network types: Ethernet - ADSL - Modem -

WLAN - UMTS, network speed Auto - 10/100

Mbit/Voll-/half duplex - 1 Gbit - BNC - AUI, Profiles for

ADSL - UMTS, Write filter Windows XPe

· Diagnostics

Loggings on / off, Send diagnostic files to URL

Device Properties

· Individual configuration values for printer, screen and

mouse / keyboard

· VPN-Client type Cisco - Microsoft PPTP – Juniper

· Files – File transfer to clients

· Advanced file entries – individual adjustment of INI

· files to clients

· Definition of client environment variables

Application Definition


· Published application or desktop

· SmartCard Login

· Passthrough Login

· Roaming

· Application restart

· Start automatically after n seconds

· Desktop icon

· Connection options

Data compression

Insert by using the mouse wheel

Buffer bitmaps on the hard disk

Enable audio – sound quality low, medium, high

Allow audio input

Encryption rate - Basic/40/56/128 Bit

SpeedScreen latency reduction

Feedback to mouse click

Local text echo

Server information

Window properties - colors, size


Auto Reconnect


· Roaming

· Application restart

· Start application automatically

· Desktop Ican

· Advanced

Window size

Fullscreen on screen n in case of multi-monitor mode

Color depth

Local resources drive mapping – printer – smartcard -

Scount - Serial Ports - Parallel Ports

Protocol RDP V4 - RDP V5

Keyboard language


Window Manager decorations


Mouse motion events

Connection bar in case of full screen

Bandwidth Standard - Modem - broadband - LAN

QuickSpecs eLux® RL / Scout Enterprise

Feature list – Management system Scout Enterprise V.11.3.3

© Unicon Software GmbH 5 Oktober 2012


· Home page

· Start page

· Proxy settings

· Browser type Firefox

· Kiosk mode

· Application restart

· Start automatically after n seconds

· Desktop icon


· GUI graphical or classic

· Application restart

· Start automatically after n seconds

· Desktop icon


· VT52, VT100, VT220-7 Bit, VT220-8 Bit, VT320-7 Bit,

VT320-8 Bit, VT420-7-Bit, VT420-8 Bit, VT525-7 Bit,

VT525-8 Bit

· 3270, 3270 printer, 5250, 5250 printer

· SCO-Ansi, BBS-Ansi, AIXTERM, AT386, Linux,

· WYSE370, WYSE50, WYSE50+, WYSE60

· TVI910+, TVI920 ,TVI925, TVI950, TVI955, ADDS VP

A2, HZ1500, TANDEM6530, HP700/65, DG, IBM

3151, BA80

· all above mentioned emulation types:

Interactive configuration of a terminal emulation with

direct verification at host systems by the management


· 97801-7 Bit, 97801-8 Bit

· Application restart

· Start automatically after n seconds

· Desktop icon

Local Application

· any local application can be defined by parameters


· File manager

· Text editor

· …


· Show last user

· Allow for cancel

· Autostart folder

· Pass-through Login

· Start automatically after n seconds

· Automatic logoff with configurable logoff delay – on /


· Advanced:

· Window properties: Size – color depth, audio

· Time-controlled logoff after n seconds

· Manual logoff

Desktop Virtualization (VDI)

· VMware View - Citrix XenDesktop -

· Quest vWorkspace - Leostream

· Use SSL

· Application restart

· Start automatically after n seconds

· Desktop icon

Online commands

For devices or device groups – immediately or time controlled

· Switch on

· Switch off

· Restart the device

· Restart the desktop

· Send message

· Perform firmware update

· Update device status

· Factory reset

For devices – immediately

· Request diagnostic files

· Compare configuration

· Upload applications

· Mirroring


· Perform an update during first contact with the management server

After closing the last application

  • Logoff user
  • Switch off device
  • Restart device
  • Lock device
  • Close VPN tunnel


  • Devices
  • Setup
  • Properties
  • Applications

Scout Enterprise

The management solution for thin clients and PCs
Scout Enterprise is the management solution (Device Manager) for thin clients and PCs that run the operating system eLux ®. In addition, the operating systems Windows Embedded and Windows Embedded Standard 7 can also be managed.
The administrator can define the Scout Enterprise eLux ® Software image (terminal software) for the thin clients and PCs to the companys requirements, without special knowledge of Linux. The terminal image is made with the tool ELIAS ( eLux Image ® Administration Service ) which is included with Scout. Furthermore it is possible with the eLux ® Builder Kit to create customized eLux ® packages and integrate them into the eLux ® operating system. A fully flexible solution for all the needs of handeling thin clients and PC's with eLux ®.

Centralized management of thin clients and PCs with Scout Enterprise

The Asset Management tool allows the administrator always to keep track of the thin clients, the licenses used and all USB peripheral devices connected to the thin clients. Clients can remotely be started and shut down from the Scout Enterprise and configured to the smallest detail without administrator attention. There is a fully comprehensive helpdesk. The administrator can reflect the user's desktop at his screen thus making support.

Installation/replacement of hardware remotely via Scout Enterprise

If a terminal has to be replaced, the administrator can setup Scout to remotely integrate the new unit without the attention of the administrator. So downtime remains low in case of defective hardware and the employees can quickly resume work. Scout Enterprise is scalable and can be installed as a High Availability solution. Administrators can be assigned different rights, so each employee only has his/her required task pane accesses. Scout Enterprise is the ideal management software for cloud computing solutions in combination with thin clients or reused PCs 

Zero Client functionality plus all the extras you have nowhere else.

Zero is Zero. All devices need some kind of management and someone has to set it up. With Scout Management you esentially have Zero Client management, but you also have the freedom to customize a single branch, a single terminal or anyting else with a few mouse clicks. Scout can without user/administrator attention upgrade and configure any terminal, based on DHCP options, IP range and more to the smallest detail and when we write smalest detail, we actually MEAN the smalest detail.

Oh!! did we forget to tell you?

Scout is today handeling the largest terminal installation in the world, with more than 220.000 terminals of different brands. Do we need say more ?

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