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NEXterminal XENovo storage appliance

powered by NEXenta software

NEXTsystem introduces 4 new storage appliances to support the ever growing storage needs. The new Appliances scale from 2.4TB to more then 100TB. It is no big secret that to manage and backup  storage  gets more and more complicated.  Many storage providers have solutions for this, but many vendors demand that you buy all peripherals from them, often at a higher price than market price for similar units. NEXTsystem has now lowered the economical  bar. With the new  XENovo series we introduce enterprise storage for a reasonable cost compared to most offerings in the market place. And you can buy peripherals whereever you want. With XENovo we offer a price/performance leading storage solution to the market.

So, briefly what do we offer?

Unified hybrid storage based on ZFS filesystem which brings you

  • Easy manageable storage pools
  • Unlimited snapshot
  • Writable clones
  • Synchronous deduplication
  • Synchronous compression
  • Second generation ARC cache , Adaptive replacement cache
  • Unlimited file size, unlimited directories , unlimited space
  • Highest storage reliability with end to end check summing (CPU to media)
  • SSD accelerated storage  random reads with a Level 2 SSD cache  L2ARC (  easy 100.000 IOPS or more )
  • SSD accelerated synchronous small random writes( up to 100.000 IOPS ) ( Vmware nfs love this )
  • file replication (ZFS send/receive)  and Auto Tier (rsync)
  • RAIDZ , RAIDZ2 , RAIDZ3 and 2,3 and 4way mirror for maximum security
  • Highly advanced IO scheduler that survives any kind of load and keeps system responsive
  • Copy on write (COW) and Atomic updates, that ensures you never run a  ”fsck” again.
  • Protection from Misdirected Writes , Misdirected reads, Parity pollution ,  write holes etc.
  • Self healing storage, no silent data corruption

Our storrage  supports  the following Services

  • NFS v2. NFS v3 NFS v4
  • ISCSI targets incl MPIO and  MPxIO ( comstar)
  • CIFS
  • protocols like  FC , FCoE,  ISCSI, SAS, SATA, ATAoE, Infiniband etc.
  • Vmware , Citrix and MS hyper-V ready

And then there is all the extras

  • “VMDC”is a Virtual Machine data Center, a central management for virtualization
  • “Delorean” , a VSS enabled backup program for you windows server and clients
  • “Storage Link Adapter” makes XENova storage controlled by Citrix StorageLink
  • “Target FC”is a Software which make XENova to act as a Fiber Channel target
  • “HA Cluster” is a complete HA fail over setup for two XENova appliances with shared storage
  • “HA simple and Auto CDP ” is block level copying and fail over with no shared storage
  • “WORM” is a software module, that make XENova storage act like worm devices, without buying expensive worm devices
  • “Pomona” is a Policy based Operations, Management and Optimization
  • VSS plug-in, a general VSS plug-in for supporting Microsoft exchange , sql etc.

if you want to know more .. just google ZFS !

With NEXterminal XENovo you have a complete HIGH END storage system, backed with the knowledge of NEXTsystem and NEXenta.

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