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What our customers say about us, and our thin client service

Brüsch Precision A/S

At Brüsch Presision A/S we have known Nextsystem A/S since 1996. What is remarkable about this company is the loyalty it shows towards our wallet. We have on several occasions experienced that we wanted to place an order but Nextsystem A/S advised us not to buy but to solve the issues by other means. We are waving money in front of them but they do not want it. Now that is a truly trusted vendor. We have over the last 7-8 years had thin clients in our administration and in our production and we have had no issues at all on a technical level. Nextsystem A/S did the installation, both server and terminals and it has been running perfectly. I used to be a programmer for many years and I know who excels on a technical level and on competances. Nextsystem A/S is clearly in the leading quadrant. When we get a quote from Nextsystem A/S we are never worried if we really need what they quote or if this is indeed the right solution. We trust 100% that we get the best support and service possible. It is a Yes from us, also next time.Jakob Brüsch, CEO

Jakob Brüsch, Direktør


At FTZ the majority of our workstations are thin clients and we have approximately 800 terminals. All of them have been ordered from Nextsystem and the majority of the first 100 units we bought 10 years ago are still in operation. We have several times tried special set-ups and usage and every time we have asked for help for this we have an expert on line in a few minutes. We have often had a visit from Nextsystem A/S whether we have had strange problems and issues or we are informed about new products. For us it has been essential that we have a partner who is engaged in everything which has to to with thin clients. As a long-term Nextsytem A/S customer we give them our warmest recommendations.

Allan Persson, IT afdelingen

A/S Peder Nielsen Beslagfabrik

PN-BESLAG knows Nextsystem A/S as a trustworthy and competent partner. We always get creative and constructive solutions to the challenges we present and they never take a short cut. Therefore Nextsystem A/S is a parther we can trust. We know that our inquiries are dealt with in a competent manner so we always end up with a complete clarification of the problem. Being from the north of Jutland we are viewed as a price and cost conscious people and also in this regard Nextsystem A/S fully lives up to our expectations. We will at any time without hesitation recommend Nextsystem A/S

Allan Holm Christensen, IT afdelingen

DataFacility ApS

For many of our customers we are the ”external” IT department and it is a natural part of our partnership that we can also be contacted outside normal working hours. This of course makes demands on us which we do our best to meet. This in turn makes it necessary for us to disregard a number of vendors for certain tasks where we cannot get the required support nor get support when needed. I have for more than 6 years worked with Nextsystem A/S and have always received competent service and support. Problems and issues are never left unsolved and Jan Kaspersen and his team has always given us excellent support. When I think of Nextsystem A/S I always think of the excellent support which has been offered way beyond reasonable expectations and I can only recommend this company to others.

Søren Højberg, Owner

ED Data

During the 10 years we have been doing business with Nextsystem A/S we have through challenging cases and a close relationship found our partnership to be very advantageous for our customers. We see a market constantly changing and that customers’ requirements for individual and flexible solutions make demands on us as vendor and in turn on our business partners. Nextsystem A/S fully understands this dynamic process and is a very strong and competent technical partner who truly add value to our customers.

Henrik Bjerrum Nielsen, Salgschef

Dansk Miljø- og Energistyring A/S

We at DME A/S just want to express our satisfaction with your support and products. Sometimes we find ourselves in deep waters and in some demanding situations with special requirements and wishes and we have always found a solution with your help. We respect your professional competences and kindness. .

Jesper Trelborg, Developer

United IT

IT is an area of trust – therefore we partner up with Nextsystem A/S. With each project we have been engaged in we have always received professional and competent support and consulting. Even when things were hectic and we have needed support outside normal office hours and for challenging problems they have always been there and offered very competent advice and consulting. Trust is important – and therefore we partner up with Nextsystem A/S for our thin client based solutions. I warmly recommend Jan Kaspersen and the team at Nextsystem A/S

Thomas B. Thomsen, CEO

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