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Thin Client Software

The heart of any hardware, is the software inside.


We normally think, that anyone can source some hardware in China, and this is certainly true. People do this every day with both good and bad results. When it comes to the performance/stability of af a terminal, the hardware has an impact, but even more so the software. A poorly writen graphics driver, or wrong configuration can deem a terminal as useless or slow. We at NEXTsystem is a software company with deep knowledge of Linux and server based protocols. To create a new terminal is a long process of prototype hardware, special bios and porting of software to specific pieces of hardware and final approval. CE certification and manufacturing. But that is basically the easy part. 

 The hard part is how to make a fully scalable, flexible and roboust software solution, which takes care of everything 365 days a year without errors. So how did we do this? The answer is: We tested all solutions on the market and we are proud to say that NEXterminal has the best Linux based Thin OS in the world.  

 Many vendors make their own OS (like HP, Wyse and Igel). They make software tools for Windows CE and their Windows embedded and their Linux, and they write their own management system that can handle all 3 platforms (with or without success). Before we chose eLux/Scout we did a careful evaluation where we had 500 units with eLux running at 20 customers for 6 months. We evaluated the number of support requests, request for changes, flexibility, ease of rollout and installation and the overall customer satisfaction. We tested and compared many Linux and management platforms and we believe we found the best. 

 We believe firmly that our software is the market leading software for thin clients. Our software was build from the "ground up" only to handle thin clients, which gives our customers great advantages in stability, scalability and flexibility. The software is used to run the largest thin client installation in the world with 220.000 terminals! This speaks for itself! We have customers with hundred terminals running the same software and having the same benefits.

 The software is constantly being improved and we have at least four releases every year to enable our customers to protect their investment. We are always open for requests for improvement and try as much as possible to give our customers what is required.

 Our software consists of the terminal software (eLux OS) and the Management software (Scout Enterprise Management). Both of these licences are licences to keep. This means that you can transfer the licence, at no cost, from an old terminal to a new terminal (or pc). You can even transfer the license to another vendor device from NEXterminal at no cost, as our software is multivendor capable. At our FAQ list you can find an overview of supported terminals.  

 A few words about subscription: Subscribtion is a fee you pay every year per terminal to get software updates for both eLux and Scout. If you buy the subscribtion, you will also (with NEXterminal only) find yourself in the pleasant situation of having free telephone support as well. With a fee less than 20€,- a year we keep your terminal and management updated with free telephone support. 

Robust and stable 

Most Linux installations are robust and stable, that should be an undisputed fact. But we have proved it measuring the numbers of support calls in ratio to the number of terminals installed (60.000). On a daily basis we have in average 3-4 support calls. Most of these calls are questions about how to use the software or a request for change, not to report a failure or a defect. In fact we had 47 bug fixes in Scout Management 2013 and Scout had 9 new releases with many feature updates in 2013. These issues only affected a small number of customers with specific needs and had no importance for the majority of customers. At NEXsystem we never had a "site down" support call since 2004! Rock solid and stable software and hardware.!

Easy to manage

With the usage of Scout Enterprise Management, eLux is a dream to manage, and you really never have to touch a terminal. In Scout you can configure a terminal or a complete branch to be "preset" with every detail you which. Someone just has to turn on, and connect the terminal to the network, and it will be complete and updated in 5-10 minutes. One customer with 2500 terminals reported to us, that on a monthly basis they used 30 minutes to administer their terminals measured over a six years period. Or you can say they used 7 seconds a year per terminal!

 We (of course) also have customers that do not manage their terminals on a monthly basis. They buy them, set them up, and forget about them. Years later they call us for an upgrade as they upgraded to a new terminal server, and need a newer RDP client. Fortunately that can be done in 30 minutes for all their terminals with the use of Scout.


eLux is flexible and capable of running on many a number of vendors’ thin client hardware, as well as on PC's. It can be modulated with only the functionality you need to keep safety high. It can accept proprietary applications developed in-house or bought elsewhere. All controlled by Scout and the free eLux Builder Kit (EBK).

With EBK customers can make their own special code and customized software. If you need a 2X client, you can take the binaries and run them through the builder kit. Then you are ready to install the 2X client on hundreds of terminals with a few mouse clicks. 

 eLux is “build from the ground to be more advanced and flexible” compared to most other thin client operating systems. The result is an OS with great flexibility. If you have a terminal from another brand it is likely that you can upgrade it with our eLux OS and gain all the benefits also of our perfect management tools and our commitment to your business. 

 Are you interested to try this out? All you have to do is to call us and we will give you a terminal and software for a 30 days free trial period. 

Thin Client Software

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