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Why use thin clients

Save money, increase security and simplify IT management

There are many reasons why you should decide to go for thin clients, most of them have to do with saving time and money and some relate to enviromental considerations like power consumption and noice. We have made a 10 point list which covers the most obvious reasons.

Reduce your IT ops cost dramatically

By introducing thin clients in your IT operation, your TCO for clients will be reduced significantly. Leading market anaylyst state that on an average the reduction in cost is 48%, and we have seen savings up to 70%. We are sure that being under constant pressure to do better with less, makes this a very interesting opportunity for IT departments.

Less Maintenance

Thin Clients do not have hard disk or any other moving parts, which reduce the hardware faults dramatically. With NEXTerminal the software has been designed to be simple and easy to manage and yet powerfull. This can reduce the time spent on maintanance/upgrades to less than 10 seconds per terminal a year!

Longer lifetime

A PC normally has a lifetime of 3-4 years. NEXTerminals are expected to last 6-8 years. Combined with a lower cost this makes the Thin Client twice as cheap compared with a PC intrastructure (terminal server costs included).

Less power consumption

NEXTerminals consist of “low frequency cpu and chipsets”, that do not require as much power as PCs. Non moving parts also reduce power consumption. Thin clients can use as little as 8 Watt an hour, which contributes to a very attractive return of investment calculation.

Stable software & No downtime

The NEXTerminal software is writen to our hardware, and does not consist of hundreds of drivers from different sources. The software is designed to do very few things. It is not possible to install extra softeware that can degrade the stability or performance. As a result you will get a very stable terminal with no downtime. A stable and reliable workstation will improve end-user satisfaction, improve productivity and reduce the total number of ticktes to the service management system. All adding to an improved bottom line.

Better enviroment and zero noice

Have you ever entered a room with 30 PCs running? There is this “background noice” and it gets quite hot because of the heat emmision from the PCs. NEXTerminals make no sound, and produce very little heat compared to a PC. This leads to a better working enviroment, and make it possible for the employees to work more concentrated over a longer period of time. This gives the company a better bottom line and also saves the power used on aircoolers.

Fast application rollout

When you have NEXTerminals, you have a server based setup. As a result you will not have to set up applications on you PCs anymore. Just install the application on the Server and NEXTerminal can access the application immediately. No more installting XYZ application 30 times on 30 PCs

Easy and fast upgrades

All upgrades are done centraly on the servers. This results in fast and easy upgrading schemes. It also makes the users run the same application everywhere reducing compatibility issues.

Better security

Many PC users tend to install unlicenced (and potential unsafe) software on their PC, like private banking software, games or social media for example. They also tend to save data localy on the PC, which causes a security issue if the PC is stolen. Using NEXTerminals all these problems are solved, as it is not possible to install extra software on the terminal or store data locally. Also theft of device is strongly reduced as there is no data on the device.

Standard workplaces and roaming desktops.

You workplace/desktop will be equal to a physical desktop/workplace. You will always be able to get you local desktop displayed on the screen no matter where you are in the company, as long as you have a terminal nearby. Roaming between desktops reduces the number of physical workplaces needed and makes it easier for teams to group together for a short period.

Safer and faster backup

With workstations spread all over the company, inclusive remote locations, backup becomes an issue. According to Gartner Group backup and maintenance make up 2/3 of the TCO costs. With NEXTerminal, in case of a terminal breakdown, the employee can continue on another terminal as if nothing has happened. No reinstallation and no data recovery is needed as the session, programs and data are safely stored on the central servers, greatly reducing TCO.

With VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) from Citrix,VMware or IBM you will also be able to enjoy many of the advantages using thin clients. Powersavings, backups, hardware failures will all be reduced. But most important: the device you are sitting at is always working, as is the case with NEXTerminal.

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