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XENovo Magnum


Per system

  • 2 x Intel® SIX core
  • 2 x 1GB network
  • 2 x 10GB network CX4
  • 196 GB RAM
  • 2 PS/2 ports
  • 2 USB Ports
  • Matrox G200 VGA
  • 2 x 1TB SAS  boot drive
  • 4 power supplys
  • 2 x 400GB  STEC Zeus IOPS
  • 2x 8GB  STEC ZEUSram
  • 75 x 3TB 7200rpm 6GBit SAS
  • 4 x LSI 6Gbit controllers
  • 2 x 10GBit shared int. net.
  • 256TB NEXenta license
  • one year warranty
  • one year telephone support

optional accessories

  • Next business day service contract
  • extra 45 drive enclosure
  • extra controllers for enclosures
  • FC connections
  • fiber 10G ethernet

If you want an online storage archive, XENovo Magnum must be for you. Configuration statrs at 81 3TB SAS disk, close to 0,25 Petabyte

Dual path to all disks and a massive real io spindles for both performance and storage. This storage is not redundant but intended for those who just need a lot of storage

This is our “flagship”. A fully redundant system , with potential to grow large. With 2 systems in one box and a shared storage system, this box is available as a High availability solution  as a ACTIVE/PASSIVE or ACTIVE/ACTIVE setup. This appliance will give you up 75.000 IOPSrandom reads of 8KB in size and peak of 50.000 random writes, with initial config. It comes with optional  next business day service contracts and NEXterminal CNE trained installation service.

Raids configuration can be laid out as you prefer, we do though recommend one of the following , listed with Highest security first (and lowest available storage)

all config has 2 disk for boot/os  , 2 SSD for L2ARC cache, 2 SSD for zil (slog)

144TB –>8 virtual drives  striped each containing a raidz3 with 9 disk ,3 hot spare. ** recommended**

150TB –>10 virtual drives  striped each containing a raidz2 with 7 disk ,5 hot spare.

180TB –>4 virtual drives  striped each containing a raidz3 with 18 disk , 3 hot spare .

Estimated street price is 90.000 €

you want more ?

extra enclosure with 45disk  and cables inclusive NEXenta software

90TB –>5 virtual drives  striped each containing a raidz3 with 9 disk ** recommended**

90TB–>6 virtual drives  striped each containing a raidz2 with 7 disk ,3 hot spare.

Estimated street price is 40.000 €

All prices is excl VAT and delivery, specs may change at any time.-

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