Powerterm licensing and how it really works.

When you have installed the powerterm licences on you Scout server, it is the Scout server’s responsibility to manage these license, and give these to the terminals that need them. So how does Scout do this? Once Powerterm is installed on the thin client (ie. the powerterm package is in the .idf file), eLux will request a license at its Scout server. If available the license will be transfered and locally saved on the terminal. It does not matter if you start PowerTerm or not (read: the license is not transferred on first use or anything, it only matters if package is installed on the client or not ).

A powerterm licence is deleted from the terminal and made available on Scout for a new terminal as soon as the Powerterm software is removed from the terminal. It is not removed if terminal is just deleted within Scout, so please remove it from idf file and update terminal, before deleting it.

eg: If a customer have 100 eLux clients and needs only 25 PowerTerm. He would define two idf-files one for the PT user and one for the others not using powerterm.