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  • Intel Celeron 1.7GHz CPU
  • SIS M672 SiS 968
  • SiS Mirage 3+ Graphics, 64-256MB
  • Realtek ALC268 sound
  • 10/100/1000 Netcard
  • 54Mbit Atheros b/g
  • 15.4″ XWGA 1280*800(only 1024*768 used)
  • 512MB DDR-2 667Mhz
  • 80 GB SATA Hard disk
  • Phoenix First BIOS
  • 3 USB2.0 Ports
  • Audio-in
  • Audio-out
  • External VGA port
  • Express card 34/54
  • Kensington lock
  • Nordic keyboard
  • Stereo speakers
  • External Power supply
  • Wake on LAN
  • 1,5+ hours battery
  • 39 x 360 x 260 mm
  • 2,7KG
  • eLux NG
  • Scout management
  • 1 year warranty collect & return


  • UC_PC Container
  • Baseos 1.45-2 +
  • Wavelan, Atheros ticked


NEXTerminal was the first in Europe to introduce thin clients based on laptop hardware. Since the introduction in 2004, we have learned a lot, from real user experience, from home workers, schools and many other type of users.

The result is a 1,7Ghz Celeron powerhouse from Fujitsu-Siemens with a 15″ wide screen, a 54Mbit wireless adapter and a Gigabit net card and a new high [SIS] performance graphics adapter installed, which results in a [feel like] super performance compared to other terminals. It comes with 512MB of memory and still contains it 80GB hard disk.

You might ask. Why do you keep the hard disk inside and not install a flash? Well,- we have learned that many IT managers are afraid to buy thin client laptops based on Linux, as they do not know if the Linux can handle the job. So we had to figure something out.

We needed to come up with a model where it wa spossible to install Windows on the box without any changes. With the NEXlaptop??? administrators can try eLux NG software, install it and use it, and for any reason install a complete windowsinstead, if they feel like it. In addition they can always reuse the eLux and Scout licence on a “normal” thin client as the NEXTstation V. With this in mind, it is risk free to try out this solution

NEXTerminal laptop is for the demanding user, who needs the the flexibility of a laptop and the software robustness of a thin client

It is Ideal for a home worker, with its wireless capabilities, VPN client and its secure gateway functionality. Now you do not have to work where you workstation is installed, Now you can move along anywhere with wireless access.

We have also produced this terminal with the education sector in mind where there is a large need for workstations, but limited space. Secondly we have included enough power to handle most educational multimedia applications using RDP.

NEXTerminal laptop is well suited for all types of environment. Employees needing to work from home using the wireless network connection (with VPN). Hospitals , Car dealers.

The NEXTerminal Laptop is supplied with

  • eLux RL
  • Scout Management

This terminal is only available to the scandinavian market. For any other keyboard layout than nordic , we recomend you to buy a Fujitsu-Siemens Esprimo mobile V5535, and then buy the eLux with us.


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