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  • AMD sempron 2100+  1Ghz CPU
  • 10/100/1000 network
  • 512MB SDRAM DDR-2
  • 1024MB flash
  • 2  PS/2 ports
  • 2 secure USB ports
  • 6 USB Ports  (2 front)
  • 1 serial port
  • VGA port / DVI port
  • ATI Radeon X1250 up to 1600*1200/24bit and 1920*1200/24bit
  • Dual Screen support 1280×1024x2screens & 1440×900x2screens
  • Sound-in/out
  • Internal speaker
  • External powersuply
  • Wake on LAN + PXE
  • Kensington lock
  • 267 x 46 x 216 mm
  • 1,6 Kg
  • eLux RL Software
  • Scout Workgroup management
  • 3 year warrenty mail in(5 year optional)
  • 20 watts/Hour max. (1/3 of a standard ligth bulb )
  • optional
  • PCI and PCI express X1 expanson
  • Matrox Epica TC2  (Dual screen DVI/VGA)
  • Matrox Epica TC4 (quad screen DVI)
  • Wireless adapters Dlink 54Mbit  G520 & G122
  • Serial & Parrallel Ports
  • DVD drives
  • USB mouse & keyboard
  • Touch screens
  • Smart Card readers


  • UC_RL Container
  • Baseos 1.3 +

eLux RL for NEXTerminal


NEXtreme-I really looks like a HP 5735. If you look close enough, the labels and the serial number also reveals that this terminal was a HP 5735 at birth.  But NOT anymore.

NEXTerminal has ripped out the heart of this terminal, and put in the complete new NEXTerminal Reloaded software. Combined with the HP hardware experience

and the NEXTerminal Reloaded software, we have made the our “best” terminal ever.

We call it NEXtreme…….

NEXterminal Reloaded is a complete new version of eLux NG. Reloaded has better graphics, better handling of USB devices and a newer kernel to accommodate newer hardware.

Reloaded also caries the look and feel of the well know GNOME user interface, but better yet, the GNOME is still controlled by Scout. Reloaded is 100% compatible with Scout verison 10 and newer. Scout version 10 take care of eLux NG and eLux Reloaded.

NEXTerminal will be supplied with eLux RL  and Scout Workgroup Management as standard. Scout Enterprise is optional( +25 terminals)

eLux Lite

You will at a later date be able to get this terminal with eLux lite at a lower pricetag. (expected end jan 2009)

All service and support is handeled by NEXTerminal. If NEXTerminal determines a hardware failure. NEXTerminal will arange warrenty acording to HP warrenty for the HP5735.

Estimated street price is 349 euro.

All prices is excl VAT and delivery.


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