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  • AMD LX800 CPU with
  • CS5536 chipset
  • 32MB shared Video
  • 10/100Mbit network
  • 128MB flash
  • 4 USB 2.0 Ports
  • VGA port with 1920*1440/24bit & 1680*1050/24bit
    1920×1200 (exp)
  • Sound-out
  • PCI ATA 133
  • External powersuply
  • keyboard ON/OFF
  • 241 x 42 x 161 mm
  • Elux upgraded
  • 1 year warrenty (3 years optional)


  • UC_INTEL_P3 Container
  • Baseos 1.44-1 +
  • eLux RL 2.3 +


  • Elux NG and Scout
  • Elux RL and Scout
  • Elux Lite and opt. Scout


DesigNEX is a new series from NEXTerminal that has been designed for a green enviroment. It uses our OS (eLux). It is Fast , it is ultra low powered (max 7Watt/hour) , is flexible and easy to manage with the Scout management software, all at a very low price point.

So what you’ll get for 215 Euro, is a  fast terminal, that can run all the major clients, inclusive ICA 11.x, RDP 5.2, NX 2.0, 2X,  Mozilla 2, Opera, Netscape, SAP Gui , Java 1.5 and much more. You will also get the most advanced Scout management software, that can do all tasks needed for remote management.

In the left side of this page, you can see the hardware specifications. This terminal will suit 85% of all users needs, and is becoming our best selling product.

It is ideal for users just connecting to a Published Citrix desktop or a Terminal server desktop, where users use applications like Axapta, C5, Word / Excel and other office applications.

It is also very applicable in warehouses and dusty production places, as this terminal has no holes for ventilations. You can also connect a wireless USB device, if your building is not suited for traditional cabling.

We have also modules for Cisco VPN, PPTP, Skype, VNC and a builder kit so you can make you own client softwar

If we were to describe this terminal with one word it would be veryfastechonomicallowpowersupermanageablecooldesignterminal ,  but then again,- ity very hard to read.


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