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  • Transmeta Efficion 1GHz CPU
  • ULi® M1563M
  • XGI XP5 32MB video adapter DDR-SDRAM
  • AC97 2.3 sound Codec Realtec ALC655
  • 10/100/1000 54Mbit wireless card
  • 15″ TFT 1024*768
  • 64MB flash
  • ACPI & DMI Flash ROM
  • 4 USB2.0 Ports
  • EPP/ECP parallel port
  • Sound-in
  • Sound-out
  • IDE ATA100
  • TV-ud port,
  • External VGA port
  • Stereo speakers
  • External powersupply
  • Wake on LAN
  • 3+ hours battery
  • NEXTerminal OS
  • 1 års warrenty


  • UC_TRANSMETA x.xx+
  • porting is ongooing


NEXTerminal was the first to introduce thin clients based on laptop hardware. We made the first model available mid 2004. Since then we have learned a lot, from real user experience, from home workers , schools , and many other type of users.

It´s worth to notice that the new NEXTlaptop has a 15″ screen, a 54Mbit wireless adapter and a Gigabit net card and a new high performance graphics adapter installed, which results in a [feel like] super performance compared to other terminals.

NEXTerminal laptop is for the demanding user, who needs the the flexibility of a laptop and the robustness of a thin client.

It is Ideal for a home worker, with it’s wireless capabilities, it VPN client and it’s Secure gateway functionality. Work where the kids are, or where they are not! work in the garden or work in the bedroom.

We have also produced this terminal with the education sector in mind where there is a large need for workstations, but limited space. Secondly we have included enough power to handle most educational multimedia applications using RDP.

NEXTerminal laptop has an accessory “roller table” that can hold 12 NEXTerminals, while recharging them when not being used. Just roll the table to the classroom and you’ll be ready in 2 minutes.

Even healthcare is using these robust terminals while you are on the “bench” dreaming

NEXTerminal laptop is well suited for all types of environment also employees needing to work from home using the wireless network connection (with VPN).

Supplied with

  • HTTP management
  • Local TCMS management
  • Online TCM management
  • Stealth tracking software


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