NEXus mean “link” or connection between two or more elements.

The NEXterminal® NEXus terminal is PCoIP based hardware, which in many people ears mean a VMware ®  View  4.0 Terminal, and indeed it is. We support VMware® view 4.0 native protocol in [HARDWARE]..  yes you did read this right.. the NEXus terminal has no CPU as you know it, it only has a PCoIP chip with firmware/bios and does not contain a operating system. It cant run a Linux OS or any other OS. but the benefits of this device is amazing if you cant use our traditional thin clients.

The NEXus terminal has a counterpart, a PCI based card specifically designed for encoding and transmitting a DVI video signal over the internet. As both the NEXus terminal and the counterpart does the encoding and decoding in hardware, you may be imagining that this a pretty fast technology. The host card ( counterpart) does not only encode the DVI signal, but it also has a new south bridge inbuilt, with this you get USB 1.1 ports and sound redirected as well , in real time of course.

With this in mind you are now ready to take off.. either just use the NEXus terminal as a “plain” VMware® view 4.0 terminal or … go extreme with the usage of the host card( part no NT-NEXUS-H). we do not have any limitations on what you can do with a NEXus and NEXus-H.  Senarios include

  • CAD/CAM 3D manipulation Solid works etc
  • Video editing for broadcast for real movies
  • Gaming , call of duty , need for speed, basically any 3D game
  • Financial banking , secure multi monitor screen on trading floors
  • Hospitals , laboratories , or any place with limited space
  • Any place where heat/noice and Graphical performance  is a concern

Benefits of the NEXus and NEXus-H

  • Easy implementation
    • Set up your host environment with simple and straightforward host add-in cards, blade, and rack workstation solutions.
  • Data protection
    • Keep your sensitive data safe. Only compressed, encrypted pixels travel to the desktop where, without local storage, no data resides. Selective USB lockout ensures no data leaves the premises.
  • Instant mouse and keyboard response
    • Local keyboard and mouse pointer support provides instant responsiveness over low-bandwidth, high-latency WAN networks.
  • Full USB support
    • All USB devices including web camera, 3D mouse operate with no desktop drivers required.
  • Low desktop maintenance
    •  Reduce IT costs with an unmanaged, stateless client device that doesn’t require visits to remote user sites, drivers or OS patching.
  • Controlled access
    • Provide full remote access to applications and content without compromising security. Allow access to any peripheral or only approved peripherals with full USB authentication.
  •  Smooth, high-quality HD experience
    • Enjoy full HD resolution and frame rates without image lag, even over a WAN. PCoIP technology provides loss less image quality up to 1920×1200 and multi-monitor support
  • Lower TCO
    • No need to maintain local storage or expensive, remote file servers

Estimated street price 370€ + vat pr item (730€ for a complete set)