Jan Kaspersen has been at the forefront of Nextsystem A / S since he started the company in May 1996. With many years of experience in IT infrastructure, it was natural to base the business on consultancy and sales of solutions aimed at this market.

Our focus is to offer companies optimal solutions in thin clients and data storage with the main focus on thin clients and server based computing. We have worked with thin clients since 1996, which gives us a unique knowledge and experience in this area. We have a limited and well-defined number of solutions that make us experts in the solutions we sell and in the areas we address. We advise our customers on the best possible solutions, and we take responsibility for our customers. In 2004, we started producing our own thin clients called NEXterminal®, in order to offer our customers the best terminals that are leading in price / performance and control production flow. so that we can live up to our goal of having very short delivery times (typically within three working days).

An important part of our business is our consultancy. We offer consultancy services within server based computing, from a technical as well as a business perspective. We would like to challenge a company’s decision on whether it makes sense to use thin clients or not. Our competences and knowledge are extensive, but the most important thing for us is that our customers get as optimal a solution as possible at all. We will honestly inform you about what is possible and not least what is not possible. Choosing the right design and set-up of thin clients is incredibly important in terms of the company’s current and future strategy.

We offer free telephone support to those of our customers who have signed up for a software subscription. We can only do this because the quality of the solutions we provide is so high that we do not spend our work day answering support calls. We have 3-4 support calls per day, from approx. 60,000 terminals in operation.

Want to know more about how to save money with thin clients and server based computing in your business? So give us a ring.

Do you want an expert assessment of your decision not to use thin clients …. or use thin clients? So give us a ring.

Call us so that we can discuss, based on common knowledge, whether or not your strategy, or lack thereof, around thin clients is right. Without charge. Without obligation.

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