Sikkerhed som aldrid før

Security is an important part of a company’s risk assessment, from both a physical and an operational standpoint. A thin client has no data, and no critical business data is lost if a terminal is stolen. A thin client is rarely exposed to theft, as it cannot be used alone, such as theft. a PC. A thin client must be connected to a server in order to show data and management of the terminals can be set up in such a way that if a stolen terminal is connected to the internet, it will report to the management server and you can either locate the device or terminate the.

Our thin clients do not get viruses. Because flash on the terminals is read-only and the terminal’s software is limited and protected, you will not experience viruses. In the last 10 years we have never seen a virus on our terminals. We also have ongoing software updates and we release updates at least four times a year. Eg. none of our thin clients were affected by SSL security “HeartBleed”.

We have solutions to limit data theft from USB drives / disks and we support Lumension end-point protection, so it is possible to limit each and every user in relation to which files may be copied to a removable media. In addition, we can log any remote session and record the process for later documentation. If you have a lot of focus on security, call us and tell us what is needed. We are sure that we can most often meet the requirements.

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