Technical difficulties

Technical challenges Many IT managers and CIOs return when the topic of “thin clients” comes up. This almost always happens if they have not previously worked with thin clients and therefore have no experience in this field.

Obviously, replacing 100 PCs with 100 thin clients requires some technical changes. If you do not know and are comfortable with the concept, and the various options you have in using thin clients, then the task can appear very difficult and time-consuming, where the challenges overshadow the benefits. The conclusion is often that it is easier to stay on the PC platform… and yes… it certainly can be. BUT, it almost never is.

Nextsystem can help analyze the situation and set-up. Based on this analysis as well as requirements and desires, we can work out a solution so that thin clients can be introduced in IT operations at the lowest cost and highest yield. When we team up with a company and discuss the opportunities, the focus shifts from obstacles to business benefits.

We can help with any technical issues that need to be taken into account. With our expertise in infrastructure and VDI solutions, we can help and advise on the right solution for each company.

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